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Why choose docbot?

Productivty boost when documentation is easy-to-source
Users agree that good documentation is important
Users can find what they're looking for quickly in their current docs

Docs you'll love using

Your engineering wiki should be enjoyable to use and help you answer questions quickly

Powerful search

Every resource in Docbot has full text search. Projects, people, technologies, runbooks, GraphQL types... yes everything!

Find the person you need

Docbot points you in the right direction. Search for a codeowner or a technology expert and message them directly from the app


Everyone is different. Docbot can be tailored to your workflow, so you can perform at your full potential

Integrations for every use-case

We understand that data is spread across many different tools and platforms. Our integrations have got you covered, see what each has to offer...


Repositories, pull requests, tech stack and more


Type, query and mutation docs as well as an integrated GraphiQL editor


See the latest build status for each project


Resource and deployment information


Save important conversations and get notified of changes


Architecture diagrams, mockups and design systems


Get alerts when something goes wrong

Many more

We're always working hard to add more integrations to Docbot. Stay tuned!

Streamlined onboarding

It can be challenging to get up-to-speed with a new company or squad. With new people, new projects and new technologies to learn. Docbot gives you everything needed to make this transition painless!

Curated courses and articles

Need to learn a new skill? Docbot contains expertly chosen courses and articles on every technology to help you get started

Who's who?

Team profiles help you to get to know everyone quickly. Learn how each individual likes to work, what they're working on and what they enjoy outside of the office

Project overviews

Birds-eye views of your organisation or squad are designed to help you get a better understaning at a glance

Data-driven decisions

Make tech decisions quickly and with confidence. Avoid analysis paralysis and get on with the work that matters

Technology recommendations

Docbot provides recommendations based similar company profiles and technology trends

Decision records

Decision records are automatically generated when you adopt a new technology. You can add in as much or as little context that makes sense for you
Tech Statistics

Always up-to-date

No more outdated documentation, we keep everything in sync with your integrations

Real-time updates

Docbot keeps your content up-to-date at all times. For your custom docs we nudge you to check them frequently


Get Slack notifications for documentation changes. Let your team know about new projects or technologies instantly

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